Get to Know Us

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of our customers and to continue to be a leading retailer of flooring products.

In carrying out our missions, we are committed to the following core values in assuring our competitive edge:

Always strive for excellence…

  • be flexible to change and react in a timely fashion and be responsive to the needs of our customers
  • foster creativity and innovation by looking ahead
  • be a cost competitive retailer
  • provide high-quality products and service
  • focus on results and what matters

Recognizing that people are our major assets and the key to our success, we will…

  • maintain the highest standards of safety and health
  • create an atmosphere of openness and trust
  • promote teamwork and involvement
  • provide a sense of pride and commitment
  • provide for growth and development of people

Acting with integrity we will:

  • treat each other, our customers, and our community with integrity